We're so glad you're here! Please take a look around and let us know if we can help you in any way!- LAKEVIEW FAMILY

Lakeview provides two different worship opportunities each week.

Our Traditional Worship Service is held on Sunday mornings at 9am and features the beloved traditional hymns blended with upbeat arrangements.


We're currently looking for a pianist with the ability to play hymnals and some blended worship music. We're also looking for vocalists with the ability to hear different vocal sections in songs, or the ability to learn.

We're also looking for people with a desire to serve on our Audio Visual Team. This team consists of a few different positions: Livestream Video/Audio, Lighting, Sound, and Presentation.

Our Contemporary Worship Service is held on Sunday mornings at 10:30am and is filled with upbeat contemporary songs and a full band accompaniment.


We're looking for musicians and vocalists with a desire to serve Christ and help usher the congregation into a time of intimate worship with the one who created us.

We're also looking for people with a desire to serve on our Audio Visual Team. This team consists of a few different positions: Livestream Video/Audio, Lighting, Sound, and Presentation.


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Doug Winters

Director of Traditional Worship

Facebook:Doug Winters

I was born in West Tennessee, April 1953. I grew up hunting, fishing, and frog gigging with my Dad. I spent most of my school years in Kingston, Tennessee right on the Tennessee River. After high school, I joined the Navy and spent 6 years on nuclear submarines. In 1977, I got out of the Navy and started work at the Robinson Nuclear Plant where I retired in April 2016. I always say, “I grew up in the best of times,” and I love living in small towns, with Hartsville being one of the best. 

More importantly, church has always influenced my life. I cannot remember when I was not taken to church by my parents, who always served in some capacity. I do have a vivid memory of being spanked down the aisle and out the back door of a small church when I was 5 years old. But that’s another story.  RA’s, choirs, and youth trips helped to form my beliefs and understanding of God and the amazing grace of Jesus displayed on the cross.  I used to listen to all types of music, but in the last ten years, Christian music is about all I listen to. I consider it a privilege serving as a worship leader in the 9am worship hour. God has truly blessed me and my family.

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Jordan Kuykendall

Director of Student Ministries

Facebook:Jordan-Jessica Kuykendall


I grew up as a missionary kid AND a pastor's kid. This made my early years fun, exciting, scary, and pushed me way out of my comfort zone from the start. My first time serving in a leadership role in church was when I was in high school. I took some guitar lessons my freshman year and decided to try my hand at playing in the youth band in my local church. Little did I know that God had bigger plans. After a few months, I was asked to take over leading since our youth worship leader had graduated and would be going to college. After serving all of my high school years, I went off to college and was involved in BCM at Francis Marion University for a year, then moved me to Rock Hill, SC after meeting my wife, Jessica. God has blessed us with three beautiful children, Maddox James, Lila Jean, and Ezekiel "Zeke" Riley. We attended a church in Fort Mill, SC for a while, and God threw me into student ministry full force after taking on an interim role. I have been serving middle and high school students and their families since 2012. My wife and children got the notice that we'd be moving to Hartsville, SC in mid 2017.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to lead our Contemporary Worship Service on Sunday mornings, using some of the other talents and abilities that God has blessed me with. Using them for His glory is what brings me joy, and I have an excellent team to serve with.

I'll always find an excuse to wear gym shorts and a t-shirt.